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Preparing Your Investor Pitch: 406 Bovine

Posted by C2M Beta Team on Jun 3, 2021 11:08:43 AM

Case Study

3-1C2M Beta Cohort 2021

Bryan Elliott

Bozeman Montana


Bryan Elliot with 406 Bovine joined C2M's accelerator because he was preparing to raise capital and find investors to launch his business. He was interested in learning how to talk to investors and what information he should share with them. It was also an opportunity to optimize 406 Bovine's overall business strategy.


Business Overview

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, 406 Bovine is creating the most advanced livestock facial recognition software in the market today. The technology, which can be used on a cell phone from up to 40 feet away, improves overall production, and efficiency across cattle operations and increases food safety by offering reliable worldwide tracking and traceability. 



To get help and feedback during fundraising

Overall business optimization


Q & A with Bryan

Bryan, you mentioned that part of your goal for joining this cohort was to work on your pitch, throughout your time in the cohort, what helped you the most in understanding the problem you were solving so you were able to communicate that with investors?

"Specifically, Dave helped me think in a much bigger picture. It was through great questions from Dave and other cohort members that peeled back the layers to make me realize I am solving a much larger problem and/or creating much more value than I am relaying to investors and others I am communicating with."

Did you find it helpful to get feedback on how to identify and communicate the unique advantages your solution offers (when compared to alternative approaches) as part of your preparation for investor discussions?

"Absolutely yes. As I talked or answered questions throughout the cohort, it was very helpful to hear the takeaways from each individual. This allowed me to touch on those points in my next pitch or when I simply talk to people about the value my software creates."

If you could give advice to new founders looking for funding, what is one piece of advice you would give them?

"Listen to all the advice people are willing to give you, pursue all doors that are open to you, then step back with all the information and decide which is meaningful and what is not as you look ahead to get to where you need to go. There is something good to come from all advice and all open doors, if you don’t see it the right way, sometimes you have to dig deeper." 

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