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How to Validate Your Market Fit: Sticky Stack Case Study

Posted by C2M Beta Team on Jun 23, 2021 9:55:38 AM

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Business Overview

StickyStack is a notes app that keeps all of your ideas in one place. 

Whether you need to revisit and organize your own notes or work collaboratively in real-time for brainstorming and project planning, StickyStack makes it simple and fun with votable, searchable, and commentable sticky notes on digital whiteboards.  

Sharayah Clancy

Ryan Rebo


Svvarga now Sticky Stack is a technology company co-founded by siblings Ryan Rebo and Sharayah Clancy. Svvarga’s flagship product Rubrikk is an AI-powered, cloud-native platform that transforms unstructured information from images and documents into clean, ready-to-use data.



“finding a product market-fit for our software or making the decision to pivot to a project with greater potential”

Theme: Clarify Market Fit 

Theme: Clarify product/market fit, pivot, reimagine problem solved, identify the ideal customer, and validate how the solution delivers a unique value proposition for the targeted audience. Begin engaging with the target audience to validate the idea for Sticky-Stack. 


Questions for Svvarga

  • What led to your decision to pivot from Rubrikk to Sticky-Stack?

"Rubrikk was initially created for commercial real estate investment firms, and when the pandemic collapsed that market we went about searching for another fit for Rubrikk. The truth is by the time we joined the accelerator, we were really at a loss of how to use Rubrikk, beating our head against the wall trying to find a solution, and thought that taking a break from it would be refreshing. Our mentor, Dave, could see how excited we were about Sticky-Stack and agreed that it was a great idea to “shelf” Rubrikk for a bit to work on something else."

  • Sticky-Stack and the solution it offers customers is unique, however, there are similar solutions to it on the market, what helped you in your process to articulate your unique solution to customers? Did getting feedback from targeted users help you refine the product?

"The fact that we originally created Sticky Stack for ourselves--when we couldn’t find the solution we needed on the market--means we intimately understand the frustration with trying to wedge your process into software or application that isn’t quite meant to do what you want to do. We created Sticky Stack to be very simple and flexible and that is an easy thing to articulate. It’s what people want. Targeted feedback was invaluable. It helped us understand even further what kinds of projects and workflows our customers would use Stick Stack for and broadened our concept of what it would mean to have a product that is truly flexible."

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